Marine & freshwater aquaria rely on specialized care and husbandry.

Knowing how to care for these ecosystems does not come easily. Learning is time-consuming and takes tremendous effort. Sponging up some tips with a quick trip to the local fish store doesn’t cut it. What’s worse, mistakes and mishaps may result in devastating consequences.

Fortunately, we know the right people, and they know what to do when things go awry.

Our Marine and Freshwater Specialists

The people who literally roll-up their sleeves to keep your micro ecosystems in perfect balance. It’s their passion for what they do, and attention to detail that allows us to craft realistic aquascapes that you can’t help but stare at.

Matthew B.
Proprietor / New Sales

Bartek S.
Aquarium Technician

Keir M.
Aquarium Technician

Stephanie L.
Livestock Caretaker